Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Bye John Cena

John Cena allowed Champion Randy Orton to retain his title against Wade Barrett, But in the bargain he had to bid his last goodbye to WWE. The follow up of the event was conducted yesterday, where WWE took the final decision of firing John Cena.
For weeks, Nexus leader Wade Barrett has been threatening John Cena that if he loses to The Viper, John Cena would be fired. This was also the part of the pre-match stipulation. Although John Cena was at his best as the referee of the match with an unbiased attitude, the victory of Randy Orton brought an end to his glittering career. As Randy Orton got Wade Barrett down, the latter got frustrated and shoved the special referee. John Cena also shoved back, which led Wade Barrett on the end of an RKO. Randy Orton took this opportunity and knocked his down. Although John Cena knew about the consequences, he remained true to his profession and declared Randy Orton the winner. He counted “one”, “Two” and then took a pause to count “Three”, which clearly showed how disappointed he was for complying with the pre- match stipulations.
As per as the report goes, the WWE (former) superstar would now have to pursue some other occupation instead. Some analysts are under the impression that Wade Barrett wanted to take a revenge on John Cena. So, he either had to call of the intention to fire him or insist the GM to let him have a match with the American hero in the future. Some fans of John Cena are already claiming that the superstar could be back within few months.

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