Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 1 Way to Weight Loos with no extra Money,effort or Excercise

Yes if your are suffering from extra pounds and lazy at heart. than it is commonly very difficult to loos your weight. Some company offer you expansive medicine,some offer herbal Tea some offer diet plan that come with huge bill. and some say if you join our smart program you can reduce weight with 3 hour work out daily.

But all these are NOT for LAZY AT HEART people. Think if you had time for all these ,why would u had put on this much extra weight?
so as myself tried so many thing ,but i was only able to loos money not extra pounds.
after so many search finally i came across to a doctor that really did't charge any fee but given one secrete for loosing weight without any effort ,with any medicine or workout.
He said  Dear you just need to cut RICE,WHEATE Products,SUGAR,POTATO from all your daily diet.
this mean you can eat any thing else like eat yoghourt,drink milk,take lot of fresh Fruits , vegetable , Salads, Eggs and White or Red Meat as you like. but dunt Over eat be in limit and very important dunt starve your self,take plenty of WATER ,Say NO to all Beverages.
In Hindi or Urdu it is Called as Avoid ChAChA (Chawal,Aalo,Cheeni,Aata).
As my Own case is concern, I started it 2 week ago my weight was 231 Pound  but in 2 weeks with no extra effort,no workout at all and no starvation ,I am able to cut 11 Pound .
Very Happy and Feel very lighter ,really no symptoms of weakness at all.

Please try this free tip and enjoy your life.