Thursday, November 22, 2012

Use Paypal in Pakistan

Use Paypal in Pakistan:
The Paypal is the leading Online payment Solution and generally accepted , Taking about %75 of Online money connections.
This makes Paypal the market boss, almost every online business allow paypal.
Most of the websites accepts payments via credit card or paypal. Pakistan is not in the Paypal list of accepted countries.

as a result it makes life tough for many of the freelancers, small websites owners.
Generally even when you have to pay someone for any service, they want payment via paypal.
So What are the Exact options available for us when paypal is not available in Pakistan,We will discuss and take this article towards a solution which many of you guys desperately need.

Using substitute:

·         Alert pay/Payza,
·         Skirl
·         Money bookers
·         Liberty Reserve
use Paypal with Help of Friends, Family members, Relatives: 
you can ask your friends abroad to create a paypal account for you and then verify it with their details.
so later on you can use that username and password for getting funds via paypal.
After that your friend or relative can withdraw those funds and send to you via wire transfer, Western union or Moneygram.
So its legal, its authentic and secure way of getting funds.

Register Yourself Using Our Guide:

1. Use Easy Hide Ip Software, Switch on Canda IP, Go to
2. Click on Sign up button,
3. You will be shown the screen like below one, select your Country Canada and select personal.
4. On the Next page, you are asked to fill The information,
You can use Fake Name generator to generate the Canada address and information.
Fill out The information and after that verify your email address.

How to dodge the Paypal Account getting Limited or frozen?
Never send any kind of query or refund demand to paypal, never get involved in any issue where they have to look at your account.
For example if you ask a refund, or someone asks a refund who paid you, you might be in a trouble because your account may get limited or frozen. so do not leave huge funds in your account , also do not do lot of transactions in a shorter time. Good Luck
Disclaimer:  This article is for informational purpose , we can not be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage, Try at your own risk.


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