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how to handle wife: Answered by A Love Guru

Want to know how to handle wife?

6 Secrets to Deal With Your Difficult Wife
Dr. Ric Barr , Pastor and Christian Counselor of Christ Counseling Center in Simpsonville, SC said that the main secret to deal with a difficult wife is to be the "priest" of your household. A priest leads his flock in his desire to do God's will. A husband should desire to be the leader of the home. He must trek the unknown and lead. Husbands may feel no confidence in this role for his own father did not step up to the plate. However, the husband must lead in spite of his insecurities. All great men experience some fear of unfamiliar experiences. Leading a family is not in the comfort zone of most husbands. The modern husband's concept of leadership is about being "macho". He feels his life experiences did not prepare him for this role.
Dr. Bruce Wilkinsin, in his video series called "A Biblical Portrait of Marriage", explains the roles that a husband must take to be an effective leader of the house.
1. Make your wife feel secure.
Your wife expects you to rescue her from the all day stress of child rearing, house chores and errands. She treats you as her "fearless protector of the unknown". Don't you notice how your wife relaxes upon seeing you after work? She wants you to tell her "It will be alright. Let me handle this. Relax. Here is a book. From now on, your fears are over." Kiss her and then take over "Mr. Knight and Shining Armor"!
2. Provide for the material needs of your family.
Your wife may be very skilled and talented. She may want to work. She wants to take a big load from your shoulder. Shield your wife from the worries of bills, rent or mortgage and other expenses. Do not push her to work and give her a guilt trip just so you can afford the luxuries of a good home, a new car, vacations, travels, hobbies or keeping up with the "Jones' ". The family must live within your means.
In an economic downturn, the temptation to work is great and sometimes a necessity. But, the family needs to downsize and want less of material things. Though the feminist movement insinuates that women must be equal with men in terms of capabilities and opportunities, the man must lead the wife to discover her strengths. The exceptions to the rule are circumstances involving illnesses, death, and major financial crisis. But these are temporary circumstances. Once everything stabilizes, the wife must become again a helper of her husband.
3. Direct the family to where it should go.
The husband must survey the direction where he wants to take the family. A husband who knows how to lead is sensitive of the desires and goals of his wife. He will take into consideration her feelings. Like a commander-in-chief, the husband may be unpopular. He must make tough decisions for the family.
4. Heal and uncover the need of your wife for love and strength.
A husband needs to be like a doctor. He must take into consideration her physical fatigue and limitations. He must be attuned to her emotional needs and stress levels. He must always offer a "should to cry on". He should recognize that his wife needs his strength.
5. Be a good, tender king
A husband won't be happy until he feels he is "the king of his house." However, he need not be a dictator. It does not mean the wife will worship the ground you walk on. A husband can be a good, tender king to his family. He will take aside his stressful days that his boss gave him. He will look forward to his castle at home. A husband must be like a king with a generous heart.
6. Lead the family spiritually
A husband must pray for his wife and his children. He must lead his family to prayer on a daily basis. He must encourage his children to appreciate the blessings bestowed on his family. He must recognize that he cannot rely on his own strength but from God.
A difficult wife stems from the failure of a husband to lead. Unless there is a psychological disorder, the husband must be courageous to take charge of the family. He must provide for his family's needs and seek the help of his wife. With many broken marriages, it is obvious that many men have not discovered the 6 secrets to handle a difficult wife.
"A Biblical Portrait of Marriage" , Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson
Interview, Dr. Ric Barr, Christ Centered Counse

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