Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buy and Know Diamond Prices In USA ,Europe and Pakistan, India

Important Tip: Before Buying A diamond please research on internet thoroughly, you must know the types and how they look.
G is a good color, normally people buy H- J so you'd have to pay more for G. Is it VVS1 (very very small defect numbering 1)? That makes it close to unblemished. There is no predetermined price for diamonds but a one carat diamond is around $ 2500- $3000 for that quality. A .75 should be between $1000-$1500, add another $200 for gold band and making at max. But honestly speaking I am not sure for that size.

If you live in UAE  there are many trustworthy sources for diamonds. trustworthiness is more important than price, as nowadays people are selling mezzonite as diamond.

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