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Say "NO" to Fake Voting

A perfect alternative voting system for Pakistan 



Say "NO" to Fake Voting

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A perfect alternative voting system for Pakistan
Considering the complications in existing election and voting system every Patriotic Pakistani has come to a point that we need an alternative voting system. Even Election Commission of Pakistan knows that there are several fake voters in voting lists and there is a big chance and existence of corruption in existing election system. Moreover it is not possible to conduct elections for domestic and foreign based Pakistanis simultaneously. There is a big leakage and wastage of resources for arrangements and management of elections. There are such security laps and botherations for voters that make voters to think that they should go for casting their vote or not? It is a common practice in Pakistan that public expects every time that next elections will be transparent and bring out a Governing Structure that will perform in favor of public and will prove to be productive and progressive for the Country. But alas..! We are betrayed every time and all of systems are ruined every time. Hence it is a proven truth that we need an alternate of our election system which should be Transparent, Fair, Accurate, Easy, Affordable and fast. Here I have offered an alternate which is practical. 
Programmable Satellite Voting Device: 

Major Advantages of New System:
·       Fake voting is impossible

·       It can work on any place on globe

·       It quite economical and affordable

·       No need to make voter lists

·       Voter does not need to keep the NIC along even for voting

·       Foreign based Voters can also cast their vote through same system.
.   More Turnout as one does not need to travel to his home town to cast his vote.

·       No need to spend resources for securities, vote counting, voting lists preparation, voter verification and many other aspects

·       Easy and user friendly

·       Portability

·       Multi Lingual
.   Can be used other than election for ID verification on sensitive terminals in all over the country. Hence it will resolve security issue also.

·       Split able voting process (No need to conduct election in one day).
. No Chance of Vote Wastage.
. No ambiguity in vote cancellation process.
Distribution of votes:
Votes will be considered for the candidate of related area/region as address mentioned on NIC of a voter.
Technical Specifications:
2.66-GHz Intel Core i7-620M
Operating System :
OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
RAM Upgradable to :
Hard Drive Size :
Hard Drive Speed :
Hard Drive Type :
SATA Hard Drive
High Definition Display Size :
12” X 6”
Native Resolution :
Optical Drive :
DVD SuperMultiDrive
Optical Drive Speed :
Graphics Card :
Intel GMA HD (integrated), Nvidia GeForce GT 330M
Video Memory :
Wi-Fi :
Bluetooth :
Bluetooth 2.1
Mobile Broadband :

Ports (excluding USB)  :
DisplayPort; Ethernet; Firewire 800; Headphone; Microphone
USB Ports :
Card Slots :
2-1 card reader
ITP T 7 Thumb Impression Reader:
20000 FP Templated, 800000 Transactions
Satellite Connection Frequency:
1616 - 1626.5 MHz, L-Band
Satellite Connection Multiplexing Method:
Satellite Connection Link Margin:
15.5 dB average

How it works:

Voter will apply His/her Thumb on Impression Reader

In Case Voter has already cast his/her vote, following message will appear:

In Case Voter has not cast his/her vote before Ballot will appear:

Press Party Sign of your Favorite Political party:

After pressing party sign of voter’s favorite Party it will show in magnified size for vote confirmation.
 Press “Cast My Vote” to cast your vote if the Party Sign is exact as you want otherwise Press “Cancel” to go back to Ballot

Above message will appear after casting vote.

Network and working structure:

All of the voting devices will be directly synchronized with centralized database of Election Commission of Pakistan or NADRA
Devices will have a continuous connectivity with internet through Satellite so that they can work anywhere on globe. As soon as voter cast his/her vote, his voting entry will be locked in main database and he won’t be able to cast his vote again through any voting device.
Approximate Cost of each device: US$ 2000-US$ 3000

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