Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Loose Belly Fat?

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Flat stomach

Due to lethargic lifestyle it is common to develope belly fat in men and women. inspite of doing belly exercises, the positive resutls are more difficult without changing the eating habits in order to get flat stomach.

Eat attentively

Eat attentively without doing any work like TV Watching, reading magazine during eating in order to avoid overeating.

Time Table

Try to build habit of eating at regular times


Try to avoid snacks between meals.

Food Quality

Try to use good quality food and include fresh fruits and vegetables in daily routine diet.

Avoit Fats

Avoid as much as possible fats and bakery products or diet without fiber.

Early Meals

Try to breakfast early in the morning and eat your night meal 3 hours before going to

Walking after Dinner

Sleep early and make a habit to walk after dinner also.

Late Night Eating

Avoid late night snacks as it is hindrance in reducing weights.

Night meal = Light Meal

Night meal should be light consisting on low calories food items.

Raw Fruits

Raw fruits and vegetables should use abundantly for burning calories, obtaining fiber and having sense of fullness.

Avoid Easy Access

If you are conscious about obesity and trying to reduce it then avoid storing chocolates, chips and other fatty products at your home; it will be difficult to avoid them having easy access.

Walking Habit

Make habit of walking. Start from 15 minutes daily walk and increase it gradually.

Improve Water Intake

Drink water abundantly in order to get sense of fullness to avoid over eating.

Drinking Water Before Meal

Build habit to drink water before eating.

Zero Calorries

Drink water abundantly as it has no calories; it burns and helps in burning calories as well.

Changing the Lifestyle

Try to change your sedentary habits like TV watching or video gaming for long hours. Try to do your work in time intervals instead of continues working without change of position. 

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